I don’t know why, but Rock Hudson reminds me of my late grandfather. I think it’s his style, his height, his presence maybe or his smile - and they were born in the same era, kind of.

Another one of my top favs.

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You can get anxious watching TV (especially if your former “lover” is mocking you on a literary programme)


Claudia Cardinale by Norman Parkinson, 1961

She deserves having a street to her name!

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"What the fuck is he doing."

Anonymous asked: I've read some of your reviews - pretty good reads! Have you considered writing one for Les Petroleuses? I'd love to know your thoughts of it.

Being an aspiring journalist, that means a lot! Thanks!

I will write one when I’ll have the time. I didn’t realize I hadn’t made one yet. And I just checked, and none of my reviews are tagged the same (I can’t even find some of them)


Once Upon a Time In the West ( 1968)



Claudia Cardinale

Another originale from Dina! ty :)

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