Claudia Cardinale in “Once Upon a Time In the West”

Nope, from Les Pétroleuses ;)

A wonderful swimsuit. Is it really a swimsuit though? I’m not sure. But I’ll allow it! Look at how happy she looks, and how summery the photoshoot feels!

I definitely need this kind of photos, we have such a crappy weather in France.

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Il magnifico cornuto (1964)/fastor


Claudia’s swimsuits, ctd.

A one-piece swimsuit, not as revealing as the other ones, is perfect for a day by the pool.

The script was way too light. I often met with Monica Vitti in real life, and I loved her human qualities, but she was unbearable on set.
[…further in the book…]
Monica and I are very close friends: we’ve always laughed a lot together. But at work, she has a few flaws that make her a difficult person. She’s very fearful: for example, she can be terrorized by a simple fly. She was capricious and constantly caused problems.

Claudia Cardinale, on Monica Vitti


Claudia Cardinale
C’era una volta il West | 1968

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CC brings out a crowd on a beach of Venice.

New CC movie acquisition! Fiasco in Milan (Nanny Loy, 1959)!
What a pleasant surprise to see this movie at the local FNAC (the French HMV/Virgin Megastore). It’s quite rare to find a film with Claudia that is neither The Leopard or Otto e Mezzo.
I need to watch Big Deal On Madonna Street first, as this seems to be the sequel.
You may have noticed that the photo of CC on the cover is not at all from Fiasco in Milan, but actually from Don’t Make Waves. Meh, close enough.
I also found The Leopard, Otto e Mezzo and Il Bell’Antonio, but these are less rare and were a bit pricey - and at this stage I already had bought the Man of Steel DVD and the True Detective boxset.
Anyway, this movie looks like fun. Can’t wait to watch it!

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Portrait of Claudia Cardinale, 1960’s



ralph crane… claudia cardinale

Great shots!